Intern Spotlight


Tracy Nguyen

Brief Bio about yourself and how you found Deltra Systems?

My name is Tracy Nguyen. I graduated from UTSA in 2019 with a BBA in Cyber Security. I was recommend to apply at Deltra Systems by a college friend who was interning at the company.

How would you define our company culture?

The culture of the company is extremely nurturing. The leaders work with individual employees to help them set professional goals, making it easier for them to grow within the organization. Deltra also aims to consistently meet employees’ emotional needs.

Would you recommend this internship to others?

Definitely! I thoroughly enjoyed my internship at Deltra Systems and now I have many valuable experiences under my belt.

What was a time that you felt proud during your internship?

The time I felt most proud was when I introduced an idea about a process to improve efficiency and the team was very welcoming with my idea and implemented the process.

What are you doing now? Did Deltra Systems help?

I am currently working at the 11th largest credit union in the US as an Enterprise Technology Analyst. I manage and maintain Change Management process and governance, ensuring adherence for all Enterprise Technology changes. Such as changes to our application, User Interface or any changes that involves Enterprise Technology as a whole. Deltra was a huge part of why I pursued a career in project management. Deltra hired me as an IT project coordinator and it was here where I found a passion in project management.

Would you return to Deltra Systems?

I would love to return when the time is right :)!