March 2000
Deltra Networks History
Deltra Networks, Inc Founded

Deltra Networks, Inc. was created in March of 2000 by Jesse Garcia because helping customers was vital to him.

Sept 2000
Expansion History
Deltra Networks Expands

Deltra Networks expands its reach into the Coastal Bend Region.

Feb 2001
Employee History
Deltra Networks Growth

Within the first year of operation, Deltra Networks had hired four Employees.
Jesse, having hired four employees, understood the importance of providing them with a benefits package that included medical and a retirement plan.

Feb 2006
Expansion History
Deltra Systems Expands

Deltra Networks expands its reach into the Texas Hill Country, servicing a wider area for our customers.

Aug 2009
Employee History
Deltra Networks Expands

Deltra Networks hires its first employee in the Rio Grande Valley, expanding its reach deeper into South Texas.

June 2010
Deltra Systems Founded
Deltra Systems

Still focused on growth, Jesse merged Deltra Networks, Inc. with IT Experts LLC in June of 2010 to form Deltra Systems, LLC. The merger resulted in doubling staff and revenue within three years.

June 2010
Deltra Systems History
Deltra Systems Announced IT Compliance As a Service

By adding IT Compliance As a Service it was able to provide a department that aimed to assist the Deltra System’s Clients in accomplishing its objectives by applying a systematic approach to evaluating and assessing risk management, controls, compliance mechanisms, and oversight processes.

Sept 2020
C-Suite Expansion
Deltra Systems Leadership

Deltra Systems promotes Robert Maldonado as company first Chief Operating Officer.

Jan 2021
Branding Refresh
Deltra Systems Branding

Deltra Systems adds a modern touch to its classic logo!

Aug 2021
HUB Certified
Deltra Systems Certified

Deltra Systems becomes certified with the South Central Texas Regional Certification Agency (SCTRCA) as HUB

Dec 2021
TBA Member
Texas Bankers Association

Deltra Systems becomes Texas Bankers Association  Associate Members

Feb 2022
Deltra Systems Roadmap: 2022

Deltra Systems LLC will be expanding its business offerings throughout 2022 to better meet the security needs and concerns of its customer's.

March 2022
New Services
SOC Team & Enhanced Compliance

Deltra Systems expanded its service offerings to include Enhanced Compliance and SOC Team services to better address the concerns of its customers in an ever changing landscape.