Technical Support Services

Technical Support Services:

Deltra System offers a wide array of support options that can be custom fitted to to be suitable with the IT infrastructure of environments ranging from single desktop shops to environments that heavily rely on industry leading technology such as Microsoft Server, Microsoft Exchange, and Hyper-V.

Help Desk / Remote Support:

  • Break-Fix
  • Domain registration and DNS Management
  • General IT Consulting “How To’s”
  • Monthly Verification Tasks (IT Calendar)
  • Password Resets
  • Software Subscription Renewal Tracking
  • Ticket Tracking
  • Vendor Support Liaison

On-Site Support:

  • Infrastructure Discovery and Evaluation
  • IT Committee Facilitation and/or Participation
  • Network Infrastructure Support
  • Annually/Bi-Annual/Quarterly/Monthly IT Verification Tasks (IT Calendar)
  • Software and Hardware Installs/Upgrades
  • Technical Consultation (Audits/Exams)
  • Technical Solutions Evaluation/Consultation
  • Windows and Exchange Server Administration
  • Application Training
  • Project Management
  • Core Conversion Support

Remote Monitoring, Management, and Notifications:

Deltra System’s Remote Monitoring, Management and Notification service is a comprehensive monitoring and alert system designed to provide Management with the essential information to quickly resolve problems. The pro-active system notifies Deltra’s experienced staff of potentially critical events that could adversely affect the availability of IT resources.

Technicians troubleshoot, research and recommend appropriate actions to resolve issues. Deltra support can solve the issue or assist in working with the application vendor for problem resolution. Our focus is to provide the necessary information to quickly fix the issue, not to burden users with excessive logs or alerts. Our goal is to solve problems rather than just reporting them.

  • Anti-Virus/Anti-Spyware (MAV)
  • Asset Tracking
  • Critical Event Log Checking
  • Inventory and Licensing Status
  • Server/Workstation Monitoring
  • Telecommunication Monitoring
  • Security Alerts and Announcements

Antivirus Management:

Anti-virus/anti-malware is an essential of defense in protecting customer information. Deltra employs a managed anti-virus application that integrates with its Remote Monitoring and Management platform. Definition updates, current quarantine status, and virus alerts are built into the platform. Deltra’s monitoring personnel have the experience to eliminate false positives and only report meaningful notifications to management for action.

  • Malware/Virus Notification
  • Malware/Virus Cleanup and Removal
  • Monitored for System Definitions

Patch Management:

A consistent, inclusive patch management program is crucial to a successful Information Security Program. In recent years, patches and application updates have crept beyond Microsoft operating systems and office products, to include third party applications such as, Adobe and Java. Deltra Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) service includes patches and updates for browsers (includes Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox), Microsoft operating systems, Microsoft Windows applications and third party applications. Workstations and servers are scanned daily. After-hours maintenance windows are defined for patch installation in order to minimize downtime. Weekly patch summary reports are produced for verification purposes.

  • Third Party Software Patches and Updates
  • Daily Server/Workstation Scans
  • Implementation of Maintenance Window
  • Weekly Patch Summary Reports

Critical Workstation and Server Resource Monitoring:

In a small enterprise environment, redundant workstations and servers are not always available. Server and critical workstation up-time becomes an essential metrics in terms of customer service and operational efficiency. Proactive monitoring for bottle necks in system resources such as disk space, memory and processor utilization is obligatory. Deltra’s RMM has configured alerts to notify technicians to prevent service interruption.

Event Logging:

Proper review and analysis of event logs can thwart security breaches, application failures and critical system failures. Regrettably, event logs contain voluminous entries that require tedious analysis and time-consuming research. Deltra RMM service sifts through the logs to identify true security concerns and eliminates false-positives. Our knowledgeable staff performs the analysis and only brings forth concerns when necessary.

Remote Support:

Not all issues can be addressed with on-site visits. Should the need arise, Deltra’s help desk staff can securely connect to client workstations and servers remotely to quickly resolve issues and problems. We understand regulatory constraints, and therefore our controls require that end-user permission be given before any system is accessed. Monthly reports documenting systems access are also available.

Ticketing System:

Deltra’s ticketing system is the core of its support and service. We also understand that human interaction is the start of successful problem resolution. Technicians are required to document their work in each ticket as they progress through the issue to completion. Standard and custom reports are available to verify and document work completed. Email notifications of task progress is sent for each ticket.

Backup Monitoring:

Successful daily backups are the foundation for the recovery process in any Business Continuity Plan. Deltras RMM service includes backup job monitoring. Job failures and unsuccessful job runs are reported daily to Deltra’s staff for analysis and resolution. Notifications are issued along with recommended actions.

  • Local Backups
  • Cloud Backups
  • Disaster Recovery