SOC as a Service

SOC as a Service [SaaS]:

Real-Time Monitoring (SIEM)

We provide our SIEM services to monitor and manage your logs in real-time with industry-leading professional analysts. Our Security Analysts provide eyes-on-glass monitoring at the most critical hours, and our customized monitoring system provides around-the-clock monitoring and response. In addition, we offer Customized Next-Gen Firewalls, AV, EDR, and XDR alongside SIEM management.

Incident Handling

Deltra certified expert analysts review all alerts and investigate all events. We don’t just notify you, we act! The incident response begins with analysis, moves to containment, and coordination with you and our higher tier security experts, then we revert and mitigate the incident. Reports are then generated and dispersed following the regulations that apply to your organization.

Threat Intelligence

Deltra Systems is constantly evolving its security intelligence posture by collaborating with world-leading security experts and our Advanced Threat Hunting Team. The cybersecurity threat landscape is rapidly changing and adapting our tools, tactics, and intelligence. As a result, we offer to report the latest cyber threats to keep you informed and worry-free.

Penetration Testing

Our in-house experts of penetration testers have developed custom tools and procedures. While combining this with industry-known attacking tools, we provide a realistic investigation and insight into the attack vectors and vulnerabilities in your network and software. This exercise can be done either as Red-Teaming or Purple-Teaming.

Infrastructure Review and Planning

Our SaaS starts, with assessing your organization’s security posture and looks to bolster your standing. Then, a customized implementation plan and integration profile are created for your business based on the assessment. With the addition of our Compliance Services Team, Deltra Systems can help secure your network to standards and regulations such as

  • ISO 27001
  • NIST 800-171